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Welcome to the Leadership AdvantEdge Podcast.

The Leadership AdvantEdge isn't some magic trick or silver bullet to instant success. This is the Art and Neuroscience of Hacking Expert Leadership to Unstuck Your True Potential in Life and Work.

I am Dr John Kenworthy, a Chef by trade and a Tech Leadership Coach and Business Mentor. I am fascinated by the human mind and the art and neuroscience of leadership in particular. 

Please do share this podcast with those you think might find it beneficial.

Be greatly blessed

John K

Feb 27, 2016

Trust is the most fundamental building block of any relationship whether in business, politics, marriage, family or friendships. In the real world, trust signifies different things to different people but it frequently boils down to one point: trust is essential to your success.

Once lost, rebuilding trust is one of the...

Feb 25, 2016

What is a successful leader?

Because our GAPPS5 report profile benchmarks against "Successful" leaders I get asked this a lot.

And it is a great question! Because success means different things to different people. For some, success is a mansion on the beachfront, for some it's being in charge of a...

Feb 20, 2016

A little understanding of neuroscience can go a long way to making your own life easier and more fulfilling.

And this week's podcast and article. I thought I should share a few mind hacks with you that are so effortless once you know them and they will give you a powerful edge in life.

These mind hacks are not deceitful...

Feb 13, 2016

Put your hand up if you can trust you.

Keep your hand up, if you can trust yourself always. That is, you never, ever let yourself down. There are many areas in our lives where we may have a tendency, a temptation to not do something we promised ourselves, to give in when we know that we really should continue. Or...

Feb 6, 2016

It seems to me if a tool is so widely used, there must be something to it. As a leadership caddy, procrastination is almost always the first thing my clients want to eliminate from their lives. As you will read, I advise them not to eliminate the very tool that is there to help them navigate the rough spots in life and...