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Welcome to the Leadership AdvantEdge Podcast.

The Leadership AdvantEdge isn't some magic trick or silver bullet to instant success. This is the Art and Neuroscience of Hacking Expert Leadership to Unstuck Your True Potential in Life and Work.

I am Dr John Kenworthy, a Chef by trade and a Tech Leadership Coach and Business Mentor. I am fascinated by the human mind and the art and neuroscience of leadership in particular. 

Please do share this podcast with those you think might find it beneficial.

Be greatly blessed

John K

Dec 26, 2015

A goal worth achieving makes you place yourself in the crosshairs

When you aim for the right target, your goal becomes more possible

 You already know that you need to have a clear goal in your personal development as a leader.

Without a goal, you don't know where you are going. And that's exactly where you will end up... drifting somewhere... maybe it'll be great, maybe it'll be a...

Dec 19, 2015

All will be well in the morning All will be well in the morning

My mum would often tell me "all will be well in the morning." For her, it was just experience and age-old wisdom. All will be well in the morning And things always were better in the morning.

Somehow, all the clutter and stress and worry, while, not gone altogether, was, at least more...

Dec 18, 2015

The day the CEO learned the importance of empathy

"Some people are just more naturally empathic than others" the CEO brusquely informed me.

"It's not personal, it's business" he went on quoting that bundle of joy Donald Trump.

"They should know what's good for them, and do what I suggest. Why should I have to influence...

Dec 16, 2015

"And what do you do?"

How many times have you been asked this question? How many times have you asked it? My guess is more than once or twice. Roles leaders play overview We all play a number of different roles. Some are well developed, others less so. Using the right role in relation to another is critical for healthy relationships and better...

Dec 15, 2015

“Why aren’t these “young people” stepping up to the mark?” Asked the C-level executive as we discussed the problems of talent management and leadership succession. As if it’s a problem of the younger generation – most notably Gen Y. But it’s not a generational issue! Performance in the typical workplace...